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Round 1

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Fill in the Busines Concept Paper and email to your local organiser by 31st May 2018.


1. 3 students would form a team and come up with their own Team Name.

2. Upon registering interest for the competition, each team needs to submit the Business Concept Paper to the competition organiser.

3. The team can make use of the Business Concept Paper template to submit their entry. (Click the above link to download the Business Concept)

4. Last date of entry submission must not be later than 01 Jun 2018.

5. ICDL organiser would reply within 3-7 days to the participating teams if their Concept Paper is approved.

6. ICDL Organiser have the final discretion to approve/disapprove the Business Concept Paper based on the following criteria:

  • Should not contain visuals or messages that constitute a breach of applicable laws (in the organising country/territory), nor should they appear to condone any illegal activity.
  • Should not directly or indirectly attempt to disrupt the harmony or stability of the country/territory
  • Could not be seen detrimental to ICDL’s relationship with any stakeholders and/or competitors.
  • Should not contain statements, suggestions, claims, beliefs, views and propaganda that may offend the sensitivities of any racial or religious group, and should not in any way visually or through audio means depict any race or religion in a flippant, frivolous or inaccurate manner

7. Approval Notification to the teams will be done by 03 Jun 2018 via phone, email and/or any other communication methods and members of the team should acknowledgement it with the organiser as well.

8. All teams who receive the Approval Notification will begin to work on the full scope of their project by 04 Jun 2018.