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Round 2

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1. By 04 Jun 2018, ALL selected teams would receive a detailed project brief to commence on working for their project. The team will be given 8 weeks to complete and submit their report to organiser by the stated dateline.

During the 8 weeks, the teams should complete the following work:

Part 1: Creativity

  • Create the innovative product using design tools software that is available in the market (such as Siemen’s Solid Edge software, Photoshop etc)
  • Include the designed product or enhanced learning space features in the animation/video
  • Animation/Video should not be more than 5mins.
  • Video should include ICDL Digital Challenge 2018 logo in the beginning and end of the video. Credit to be given for the Sponsors of the competition at the end of the video too.

Part 2: Marketing

  • Put the video on any social media platform selected by the Team.
  • Promote/advertise on their video through social or digital marketing means. The team can choose to pay for advertisements etc for creating awareness and promotion.
  • If the team choose to spent money on the promotion, it should NOT be more than US$50 and the team would need to provide an analysis/report on the money spent and if it has considerably returns (ie. ROI).
  • The money spent on advertising will be on the Team’s own cost; this amount is not claimable or reimburse-able from the organiser of the competition.
  • If the team did not spend any money on promoting their product, they need not provide this part of the analysis. Instead they can elaborate on how they achieve the best digital marketing results without spending any single cents.
  • The promotion activities should be done for 2 weeks period, starting from the date the video was posted online.

Part 3: Analyse and Report

  • The team would need to gather all results from their video post.
  • Analyse data and give reasonable feedback and outcomes on the product or enhanced learning space they are trying to introduce to the public

2. Last submission date for report will be on 23 July 2018.

3. One Winning Team will be selected to represent their country/territory in the Grand Final Round competition to compete with other representing teams in Asia.

4. The business report from the winning team of each country/territory will be used for the Grand Final Round judging. No further changes are allowed.

5. Grand Final Round competition will be held in Thailand, Bangkok and accommodation for the Team will be provided by ICDL Asia office.