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How ICDL’s modules cater to the future of work

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The future of work is continually evolving, driven by trends and practices in the modern-day workplace that constantly shifts and develops even on a daily basis. This is particularly so in the age of the ‘gig economy’, with an imminent surge in hiring provisional employees – such as consultants or freelancers – over full-time employees, and the ‘global workforce’, shaped by technological advancements and digital trends.

The business world has since become increasingly transformed by digital solutions such as online collaboration tools, which allows for employees to be able to work together in real-time, no matter where they may be in the world. With these changes, certain skill sets will gradually become a narrowing necessity, while there would instead be a greater need to upskill, in order to keep up with other developments and changes.

It is imperative for the education sector to keep up with such trends and advancements in the workplace, to in turn, provide students with pertinent skills for them to be effective when they go out into the workforce. At ICDL, we offer modules that equip both students and workers with key skillsets to stay relevant in a changing workforce that becomes progressively global and conditional. Here’s more about our Base Modules and how they apply to the future of work:

Online Essentials

This module contains the fundamentals needed to cope with an online workforce. From effectively connecting with co-workers online to being able to critically evaluate information presented on the Iinternet, Online Essentials contains concepts and skills that are pervasive in every area of work, particularly with the rise of fake news and information.

Online Collaboration

With theadvent of cross-workplaces, in which organisations span across physical and geographical boundaries to tap on diverse skillsets and cultures, online collaboration has never been more important in this day and age. Our Online Collaboration module equips students with the essential tools, training and thinking needed to effectively collaborate with the global workforce. Through this, they will learn about cloud computing, mobile technology, using online collaborative tools, and synchronization.

IT Security

As cyber attacks continue to be a prevalent occurrence, it is now all the more important for students and the workforce to be equipped with IT Security skills and knowledge. Students will learn about malware and data threats, password management and secure web browsing, along with understanding security vulnerabilities of applications online and how to prevent them.

Advanced Spreadsheets

Being able to effectively manage spreadsheets remains as one of the most important and indispensable skills in the workplace. This is particularly so as tables and charts are frequently utilised to compile data, identify trends, and present validated findings in a coherent and organised manner. Beyond the logistical, statistical and financial operations that boost productivity, this module can also aid students in building their analytical skills to further add value to their employment.


The shifting trends of the modern workforce see a demand for these modules – and many others that we provide – as they offer students the opportunity to build on and develop a wide range of competencies in ICT. These can help equip them with the necessary skills for the changing workforce, and provide the basis for transition into global workers of the future.

It is in the very interest and purpose of educators to ensure that their students are primed with the necessary skills for future employment. Find out more about how you can partner with us to provide these modules in your school: