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Reasons to Invest in ICT Skills Upgrading for Your Employees

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Reasons to Invest in ICT Skills Upgrading for Your Employees


While 68% of SMEs in Singapore invested in manpower development programmes, 85% of them face obstacles in their efforts to upgrade their employees’ skills. However, this should not be a stumbling block of any sort; organisations should see beyond any challenges to understand the importance of a robust skills upgrading infrastructure in the company, especially for ICT skills.

Digitally proficient employees can help companies and businesses utilise technology more effectively, which would then lead to many other benefits for the organisation, and in turn, help the company achieve better financial results,

Here are some other reasons for organisations to invest in upgrading their employees’ ICT skills.

 1. Help businesses run more efficiently

Trained employees are better equipped to run tasks and systems, which increases their productivity, and drives down their dependency on others for certain tasks. Complex calculations and the generation of reports and numbers can be automated and made more efficient, thus increasing the value of human capita.

When your employees are able to deploy their ICT skills more efficiently, it also ensures that less time and money are spent on IT support to resolve simple IT hiccups. This would allow both the IT helpdesk and other colleagues to better focus their time on more valuable tasks.


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2. Reduce turnover (and indirect costs)

The lack of a proper skills upgrading structure might lead to employees feeling their growth has stagnated, which would in turn, decrease their motivation and make them feel like they are not invested in the company.

40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. Every employee turnover involves numerous indirect costs, such as unforeseen interruptions to the business, costs of hiring and retraining talents, as well as dwindling team morale.


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3. Increased job satisfaction

On the flipside, employees who receive adequate job training see themselves as being more integrated into the company, and their more well-rounded skillsets also help them better discern how they can contribute to the company’s overall growth. This instils loyalty and commitment from the workers, and employees looking for a more challenging job scope can have their interest captured for longer periods of time.

The young workforce of today chase after more than just a paycheck, and are instead geared towards a more fulfilling job and a career development plan mapped to their expectations. With such ICT development opportunities in place, companies will also able to better attract and retain good employees.


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4. Adds flexibility

Imparting new and up-to-date ICT skills to your employees also adds a level of flexibility to your workforce. Cross-training your employees to be capable in more than one aspect of the business allows them to be competent in fields outside of their main vertical, keeping them challenged while also fostering better team spirit.

This also helps your organisation in the area of knowledge transfer. By ensuring that there is a team of employees proficient in particular skillsets, this would reduce the level of difficulty in replacing a potential knowledge gap, should any of them suddenly depart the company.


Find out more about implementing an ICT skills upgrading framework for your company that can empower your team and keep costs low, with ICDL Asia.